Russian Artist

Olga Ermakova is a 26 year old professional artist and designer. Olga works primarily in the medium of oil painting, and has been inclined toward the arts since early childhood.

She is a graduate of The Fine Arts Department of Belgorod State University, Russia.

Favorite genres: Portrait and landscapes.

Olga is pleased to offer two options to her viewers: Purchase any on-line painting, or request her to paint a Russian theme of your choosing: All for a reasonable price.

Also Olga creates Matryoshka dolls with a portrait of your selection which can be an original present for your family or work team, as it bears Russian culture and traditions as well as a portrait resemblance of your choosing. Click the link below for details:

If you enjoyed any of Olga’s works, she can send it to you as a postcard (free of charge).


February 28, 2015.

Belgorod Region, Russia.

Plein air painting.

Video: Alex Markovich.

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