Matryoshka dolls with portraits

A Matryoshka doll with a portrait of your selection is an original present, as it bears Russian culture and traditions, as well as a portrait resemblance of your choosing; such as a portrait of your family, work team or any other social cell.

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19 thoughts on “Matryoshka dolls with portraits

  1. dah-ding’ski, how can I possibly comment back to you if your About page is closed?

    Thank you for your expressed like on my 0058.

    I once went to Russia, I arrived at Sheremetyevo airport on a plane from London with a load of drunken Russian men, who, oddly enough were all singing “my heart belongs to Glasgow,” – I assumed they’d all been on a business trip there and were all KGB, (and by the way, they were!!).

    I didn’t have a visa to enter Russia at the time but the Babushka (my God she was HUGE) on the immigration box said, “@#%*&^%$#…..*&^&%$#@, spesiba, *&^%$^, parruski, nyet……………….please, you jump into my handbag Englishman and I’ll look after you.”

    I was only supposed to be in transit but as she later said, “*&^%$@#$%^^*%, Glasonst” and things went from there. “From Russia with Love,” she said later when I stepped out of her handbag and back onto the plane and then, “by the way I’m the Captain too.”

    My goodness what a bumpy ride it was on Aeroflot – I can’t even remember the touch down in Dubai

    Spesiba my gorgeous Russian Doll; and once again Spesiba for your kind comment.

    Cheers ~ ‘ter

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